16 July 2005



1. Ogilvie Transportation Center
2. Madison Street Bridge
3. Washington Street Red Line subway entrance (also seen here)
4. Monroe Red Line stop

The last thing you want to think about on a Saturday is commuting, but here are people going home yesterday. I probably should have taken a photo of a freeway as well, but I prefer public transit, so that's what you get to see. Sorry that there's 4 photos, but I really wanted to end 'people week' with a good post. I enjoyed the challenge of photographing people. There'll surely be more in the future. So have a great weekend everyone. Check back here tomorrow for another new photo, and every day for that matter.

It's 2am, and I'm going to add to this incredibly long post.

I just got back from seeing Troubled Hubble, the greatest and most fun band in the midwest, if not in the nation, right now. They have an upbeat spirit and great lyrics, and they're fantastic live. Go check them out on tour, or buy some merchandise from them online, or just send them an email saying how much you like them. The first openng band, J+J+J was great. They have a new album out, and the artwork was designed by Mike from Em P Me. There were 2 other bands that opened, but they pale in comparison to Troubled Hubble and J+J+J.

I forgot to add, Thax Douglas introduced the hubble last night with "Troubled Hubble #7".